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Digital Blu Post is dedicated to providing media services and post-production services to the entertainment industry.  We are equipped with the technical tools for complete in-house production that brings your project vision & philosophy to fruition.   Supporting the highly touted 4K & Ultra HD formats, Digital Blu Post continues to compete with outstanding service and a cost conscious philosophy making our client relationships highly valued.  Integrating the complete suite of Scenarist UHD tools we offer complete Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD authoring solutions to handle all of your production needs.  Our Blu-ray Java code was custom developed to help us maximize efficiency and creativity. We run both of the Hollywood Standard Authoring Applications - Sony Blu-print and Scenarist UHD.  Our authors and programmers are specialized in creating the most interactive experiences on Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD.  To complete the full-service experience, we collaborate with our in-house menu design & editing teams creating a seamless workflow.  From 2D & 3D renders to video editing & audio syncing, all outputs are formatted specifically to meet the authoring requirements. Our team delivers proven reliability giving you the assurance that the brand properties you advertise will operate successfully in the marketplace.

We are dedicated to producing your Ultra HD Blu-ray,  Blu-ray & DVD projects with start-to-finish services. We will execute creative production including menu & graphic design, file compression, encoding and authoring concluding with quality control and delivery to your replication facility for consumer production. Our extensive experience authoring thousands of Blu-ray & DVD titles combined with our quality control process assures that your projects will be programmed the way you want without compromise and, more importantly, will operate successfully in the field.  


Digital Blu offers video editing services with native fully uncompressed masters, multi-cam editing tools,  color correction, and additional professional video and audio applications. We specialize in feature film bonus content creation for Blu-ray, DVD, & iTunes extras, web video content, tv commercials & sizzle reels, music videos & corporate videos.  We have an expanded Pro Res family with broad format support, seamless collaborations & comprehensive editing tools.


We provide sound mixing, sound design, commentary recording, final dubbing, music editing, DTS & Dolby 5.1 surround mixing.

We also offer all world standard-definitions NTSC, PAL, SECAM, converted to supported formats: HDCam SR, HDCam, DVC Pro HD, DVC Pro, HDV, Blu-ray, D2, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVD.

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About us


With over 20 years of experience in the home entertainment industry, Erin brings enthusiasm and an established record of success in the areas of Blu-ray and DVD pre & post-production, domestic & international distribution, operations, inventory management, marketing, and business development. Her career began at Wood Knapp Video advancing to Hallmark Entertainment to lead the company start-up. With an operational background, from studio to vendor, she has navigated all channels of the business with a smile on her face. You're in good hands! Whether watching the EPL or her kids’ college and high school sports, she’s an avid fan & loves a good pub-crawl!


With a degree in Electronic Engineering from Universidad Tecnologica Nacional of Cordoba, Gustavo began his editing career in 1997, cutting a wide range of video projects including music videos, trailers, TV spots, numerous multi-cam music performances and has worked on countless projects as segment editor and show editor.Throughout the years, he has adapted to the ever-changing formats and editorial advancements that are the only standards of his profession. In addition to his creativity and wide range of editorial experience has an expansive knowledge of the technical standards required in the broadcast world is a highly valued component of his expertise. His post-production work resume includes working with Alejandro González Iñárritu, Bob Rafelson, Marco Antonio Solis, and many others.

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Erin Meeker ​

Tel: 818-203-9432

Gustavo Carrasco

Tel: 818-434-4588

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